When it comes to home security it is unarguable that electric driveway gates make your home more secure. They provide a physical barrier by being unopenable whilst in automation mode. Secondly, as they can only be opened/closed via a remote control, they also provide a deterrent to opportunistic thieves who otherwise could just easy slip through a manual gate.

Our high crime rate in Johannesburg does call for more than just a simple automated gate unfortunately. One does need to add more levels of security to the motor itself and at the driveway entrance to make your perimeter security tougher for potential intruders. Gate automation is not foolproof - even a swing gate with magnetic locks could be forced open by someone ramming into them. 

2)    1) Consider fully boarding your gate.  Remember that the driveway gate forms part of your perimeter wall – an extension so to say.  Closing gaps will provide extra privacy.  Wood strips or steel sheeting can be used. Just keep in mind of the power of your gate motor and the added extra weight of the boarding. Do not overload your motor, as this will cause your motor to wear out. 

2)    Add CCTV (closed-circuit television) to your gate entrance – a camera at the gate will show you inside on a TV screen what is happening outside on the pavement when you want to drive out. You can have more than one camera. Set up a few so that the full perimeter of your property is covered, especially vulnerable spots. 

3)    A video intercom system is also a great idea to identify visitors before you let them in.  New technology using GSM allows you to use your cell phone.  So even if you are not at home you can easily manage your gate security. 

4)    Add an anti-theft bracket to your existing gate motor. Not only is house breaking common but so is gate motor theft.  You can also upgrade to a new generation motor that has anti-theft built into the motor such as the Centurion D5 SMART sliding gate motor. 

5)    Add an anti-lift bracket to your driveway gate.  Without one of these it is really easy to lift a gate off its rack and motor cog. The gate can then be opened/closed manually for easy access for thieves. 

So by just adding these few tips, you are ahead of the game when it comes to making your driveway gates more secure.