Italians are well-known for their world-class exports - from Ferrari and Lamborghini to Maserati. Flawless design and industry-leading technology is synonymous with all the brands originating in this culture-rich nation and their industrial gate motors are no exception.

The Nice brand originated in a small village in Northern Italy called Oderzo and then made its way to the bustling industrial city of Veneto. Here their uniquely superb design, technical and manufacturing processes led to their rapid expansion and today their gate automation and access security systems brand  is one of the world's most recognized and respected.

Although Nice is an Italian company all their products have been specifically customized to suit the unique needs of the South African market, with particular attention to our specific weather and security needs. They have subsequently purchased both Hansa as well as E-T, which are both local manufacturers and have added these products to their product offering.

Apart from their superb quality and unmatched durability, Gate Repair Services recommend their products because of the steady availability of spares for all of their sliding and swing gate motors - which enables us to effortlessly stock the parts we need to carry out onsite repairs.


An Overview of NiceHansa's Deluxe 380V Industrial Gate Motors:

The NiceHansa Deluxe 380V is one of the most powerful industrial sliding gate motors on the market.  It can push a gate weighing up to a massive 3500 kilograms and can be customized by NiceHansa's technicians to suit any distinctive needs that a client may have.  Another powerful industrial sliding gate motor offered by NiceHansa is the Tub which can also carry the same weight and comes standard with the latest technology features.


An Overview of NiceHansa's Run2500I Heavy-duty Sliding Gate Motor:

Outdone in power only by the Deluxe 380V, NiceHansa's Run2500I is a sliding gate automation system which can carry a load of up to 2500 kg and, is designed to work in and withstand the harshest conditions.  It comes standard with all the latest technological and safety features; battery back-up, advanced acceleration and deceleration features and an inbuilt temperature sensor for internal ventilation regulation. This electric gate motor is certainly in a league of its own.


An Overview of NiceHansa's Speedo Heavy Duty Sliding Gate Motor:

The Speedo heavy duty sliding gate motor is one of the best selling industrial motors on the South African market and can carry a gate weighing up to 1200 kilograms.  It is fast and powerful and will provide many years of superior operation. This is a suitable option for high-volume residential applications such as large complexes, flats and private parking lots as it has been designed to withstand up to 600 openings daily. With battery back-up, obstruction detection and easy manual-override features this workhorse won't let you down. 

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Our technicians are specifically trained and experienced in the installation and repair of NiceHansa's range of industrial and commercial gate motors and will ensure your installation is flawlessly completed as soon as possible.

Should you require the installation of Industrial Gate Motors such as NiceHansa's Deluxe 380V, the Run2500I or the Speedo motor, for commercial or industrial purposes, our expert technicians will make their way out to your site and perform a professional installation as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Simply fill in our contact form or call us to make the necessary arrangements.