The Nice Hansa SPEEDO gate motor was one of the original  gate motors to automate your sliding driveway gate in South Africa. Automated driveway gates provide you with convenience and safety in the South African crime climate. 

This motor has an electromechanical gear. It is equipped with a PC board and connector for the radio receiver. The motor is powered by electricity. The Nice Hansa SPEEDO will operate on its battery back-up system in the event of a power failure or load shedding as commonly experienced in South Africa at the moment. This function keeps you safe and secure allowing you still to enter your property without having to get out of your car.

The amount of operations possible on the battery back-up is dependent on various factors including condition of the batteries, gate weight, quality of installation and ambient temperature. If the power outage is long, the motor can be switch over to a manual setting in order to move the gate open and closed. 

All batteries achieve optimum service life if used at 20°C or slightly below. If, for example, a battery operates at 30°C instead of a more moderate lower room temperature, the cycle life is reduced by 20 percent. So consider extra cover for your motor if your motor is in the glaring summer sun.

If the gate is sluggish whilst using battery power, then it is time to replace the battery.

Useful Specifications:

  • ·         The Standard Speedo can push up to 800 kgs and the Heavy Duty Speedo can push up to 1200 kgs.

  • ·         The motor power of both motors is 24V.

  • ·         The speed of the Standard Speedo with no load is 19 m/min and the Heavy Duty motor is 21 m/min. 

  • ·             The operating temperature for both Hansa motors is between  -20 +50 Celsius. 

The control unit must be powered with a 3 x 2.5mm square cable (live, neutral and earth); if the power cable is longer than 20m, a cable with a larger section is required and safety earthing is necessary in the vicinity of the automation.  Use a SWA, Norsk or Twin and Earth as power cable.

Useful Accessories:

The Hansa Speedo gate motor comes with a plug in lightning protection board – this is highly recommended if you live on the Highveld. lightning strikes can damage electrical components in your gate motors.