Experience the press-a-button convenience and safety of your automatic driveway gate. Gate automation in Johannesburg is no longer a luxury but now a necessity to prevent hijackings and home invasions.  It is no longer a question to automate your driveway gate, but rather which is best gate motor for your security that you will choose for the automation. 

2 essential considerations to make when choosing correct motor:

Firstly it is essential you know the following four features of your gate before choosing a motor capable of automating your gate/s:

Each gate motor has a specified maximum force it can produce to ensure the safe and efficient open and closing. Manufacturers now offer a wide range of best gate motor depending on the gate’s manufacturing and installation. 

Weight of gate – It is imperative to know the weight of the gate leaf you are wanting to automate when choosing correct motor.  All electric gate motors are designed with a maximum weight they can push, keeping safety and efficiency in mind. Never use a motor that is underpowered for the weight of gate you have.  This will cause your motor to strain and fail.

Width of gate - As with weight, each gate motor is specified according to dimensions. The width of the gate is the most important dimension.

Maximum opening angle of the gate – For swing gate motors, each motor has a maximum angle to which it can open. For a vehicle to enter/exit safely, it is important to note how far the gate needs to open.

Daily Usage - The amount of times your automatic driveway gate is opened/closed per day will also affect your choice of motor for your usage. Motors are designed to operate within a certain capacity (operations per day) so choosing a motor compatible with your desired use is essential for its durability. Commercial motors are available for townhouse complexes which see higher usage on the motor. 

Secondly when choosing best gate motor it is essential to know the size of gate posts/pillars from which the driveway gates are hung when selecting the correct motor for your automation.

Pillars for standard size sliding gates need only be light duty because they do not bear the weight of the gate.

When it comes to swing gate automation, more cognisance needs to be taken as the pillar takes the weight of the gate when opening and closing. It is important that posts for swing automatic driveway gate are set firmly in the ground so the gate doesn't drop and drag on a driveway otherwise it will not be best gate motor.  This will stop the motor from working and burn it out.

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