We are excited to announce an industry first in the gate motor space. A new, extra heavy-duty industrial sliding gate motor that can run on 220 volts.

The Hansa heavy duty 3 phase motor, which is popular and widely used on extra heavy-duty gates such as aeroplane hangar doors at airports, has up to now only been able to work on 380 volts.

Three-phase power supply is a kind of polyphase framework and is the most well-known technique utilized by electrical grids worldwide for transmission. It is additionally used to power forceful motors. But not everyone has access to a 3 phase supply.

Now the Hansa industrial sliding gate motor is available with a special 220 volt inverter panel.

So if you have an extra heavy-duty commercial or industrial application such as warehouse doors, but you do not have a 3 phase electricity supply this is the answer for you.

These motors are not standard shelf stock. Each motor is handmade to exacting standards.  Customization is also an option according to customer’s specifications. 7 working days are needed to fabricate each motor and with a waiting list for these Hansa motors, we suggest getting your order in soonest.

Features of the motor:

  • ·         The motors feature a high torque start having higher torque allows for greater horsepower at lower rpms.

  • ·         LED features make trouble shooting easy.

  • ·         This gate motor can push up to 4000 kgs of gate weight.  Offering power and strength to any industrial application.

  • ·         The obstruction detection sensor reduces the risk of damage while the gate is operational.

  • ·         If power is to fail, one can switch over to a lockable manual setting.

  • ·         Smart speed control. The gate motor, whilst moving will slow down once it touches first limit. This prevents the gate from closing hard and damaging the gate.  When the gate touches the second limit it then stops.

  • ·         A robust gearbox

The solution to an extra heavy-duty industrial sliding gate motor application if you do not have a 3 phase electricity supply. Never problems, only solutions.

Please contact us for more information on this amazing new development.