There is no doubt that having your driveway gate in Johannesburg automated is a necessity, not a luxury. Long gone are the days when you hopped out of your car, with the motor running, to push your driveway gate open.  You then drove in, once again leaving your car running to close the gate behind you. In this day and age this makes you a sitting duck for driveway crime such as car hijacking, mugging and home invasion.

If you are in the market to buy a gate motor, it may be very tempting to purchase a second hand gate motor.  This is strongly advised against for 2 reasons. Firstly there is a crime syndicate in Johannesburg that steals gate motors – possibly your neighbours motor.  If you purchase from them you are creating a demand for the supply of stolen motors. Secondly a second hand gate automation motor has had numerous hours of wear and tear, You will not know how worn out the motor is.  If it is your bad luck to purchase a motor close the being worn out, you will literally be in the market for a new motor, plus the expense of having bought an end of life sliding gate motor.

Buying a new sliding gate motor from a reputable installer such as Hansa Gate Motors gives you all the confidence you need. Firstly the motor is new. If, for some unseen circumstance the motor has a fault, it will be replaced for you. The Centurion motors come with a 2 year factory warranty and a 1 year field warranty if we install the motor. The Hansa motors come with a 1 year factory warranty and a 1 year field warranty if we install the motor.  The ET motors come with a 1 year factory warranty and a 1 year field warranty if we install the motor.

Secondly, we as a gate motor company offer back up service. We come back speedily if your motor is still under the warranty.  Choose a gate motor for sale company that carries a large range of spares and stock. If they do not it is very difficult to do repairs over weekends and holidays.