Not only is Hansa Gate Motors concerned about your security in your driveway and in your home but we are also concerned about your security in public places. More and more stories are being relayed about muggings in Johannesburg of phones and valuables from walkers and runners in Johannesburg suburbs. People using petrol stations are also snatch and grab targets in Johannesburg suburbs.  

These incidents mainly occur along routes to and from taxi ranks where it is easy for the criminal to get away quickly. The most common time for these incidences are between 4 pm – 8 pm in the evening, during the week when there is a lot of public transport available.

The modus operandi of these criminals include the victims being approached by two individuals who have been reported to be carrying a knife. The main goal for the suspects is to steal cell phones and jewellery. Another tactic is someone posing as a runner and being unobtrusive. This criminal will quickly run up behind a victim and snatch their valuables.

Tips to keep yourself safe in open spaces:
 Being prepared can be a great technique to avoid becoming a victim as well as keeping yourself safe should an unfortunate event happen. It is always advised to hand over valuables and give perpetrators what they demand – do not resist.

Do not keep any valuables with you whilst you exercise in open public spaces.

   Exercise in a group. Safety in numbers works.

Exercise in busy areas with lots of traffic and other people around.  Avoid secluded areas.

 Do not engage in any conversation with any other person, even if they appear genuine. Small talk is used to distract you or gain your trust and sympathy.

Trust your intuition. If you feel a bad vibe about a situation remove yourself from 
it as soon as possible.

   Carry a panic button on you so if you are apprehended close to your home you can alert your armed response company if you have been a victim of cellphone mugging in Johannesburg.