We receive many calls to repair water damaged PC board of gate motor systems.  The Hansa Elite PC board pictured below was so severely damaged due to repeated water infiltration into the box that it was beyond repair and had to be replaced. Below we discuss a few common reasons that PC boards suffer water damage and how you can tell if water is seeping into your box.

When your electric gate motor PC board has not been properly sealed off to water this will not only cause a short circuit and malfunction but it will, over time cause permanent damage to the components which will become rusted and worn. This will result in having to replace the control board entirely – which is something that we consider entirely preventable.

Why PC Boards Suffer Water Damage

While most electric gate motors are water-resistant and have been designed to withstand South Africa’s particular weather conditions, water can still find its way into the box and into the PC board. This is usually a result of poor placement, damage to the box of varying degrees, leaving the box open or insufficient sealing and insufficient draining if your box is located close to the ground.

Is your PC box suffering from water damage?

If your gate does not function properly during rain, it is very likely that water is seeping into the box and causing a short. This is particularly true if your gate resumes normal operations after the rain has stopped and sufficient time has passed for the water to evaporate. If your gate stops working during the rain or does not work properly, you should immediately call a gate technician to prevent further and more permanent damage to the system.

Our technicians can assist you to determine whether you electric gate motor is suffering from water damaged PC board and whether a repair will suffice or whether your PC board needs to be replaced entirely. If you gate does not work properly during rain, contact us so that we can put our years of experience to work and get your gate up and running again.