Your home security and your personal security should already be your priority living in Johannesburg with its high crime rate.  This would include the basics and obvious such as locking your front door, burglar bars on windows and security gates on door, plus setting your alarm at night.

Most home invasion criminals are opportunists and making yourself and your home secure is as simple as taking away their opportunity.

6 must do tips to ensure you and your home are secure:

1) Your home needs to be secured from the outside in, like layers. If burglars cannot get onto your property easily they will move onto the next easy target.

2) Start at the perimeters of your property i.e. all 4 sides. Have physical barriers in place including solid high perimeter walls.  Add an electric fence to that. Automate your driveway gate if you have not done so already. This ensures your first layer of security is effective.

3) Add antilift brackets to your gate to prevent access by criminals. This method of lifting a gate off its rails is one of the easiest way for a home invasion to take place. Also add an anti-theft bracket to your gate motor. This is one of the most common crime in Johannesburg at the moment. Not only do you loose your gate motor but our home becomes vulnerable due to this loss of security measure.

4) Side perimeter walls are as equally important as the street wall. It is a common occurrence for a criminal to gain access to you via your neighbour’s poor homes’ security and then jump your side wall.  

5) Outdoor sensor beams are extremely effective in picking up an intruder before they get to reach a door or a window with intention of breaking in. 

6) Educate your family and staff regarding our home security strategies and procedures.  This should include not letting anyone onto the property without authorisation from you. Ask your staff to carry a panic button on them during working hours, especially if you travel out or work in an office. House cleaners are particularly vulnerable when hanging washing outside.