The safety and security of your car in Johannesburg is as important as the safeguarding of your personal belongings in your house. Car theft and high jacking statistics in South Africa are extremely high. It is a very lucrative business for criminals in South Africa. 

Do not become a statistic. Here are some tips from Hansa Gates to prevent the theft of your motor vehicle:


Safety and security of your car on your property:

·       The first prize is to park your car inside a locked garage on your property so that there is no temptation for a burglar to steal the car or break into your car and steal the radio and personal belongings. 

·        If that is not an option then a car should be parked on the property behind closed and locked driveway gates. Make sure the gate and perimeter wall cannot be jumped over by installing an electric fence or razor wire across the top of it.   

Safety and Security of your car visiting another property:

1)    If you are visiting a property always try to park on the property.

2)    If this is not possible then park in a well-lit part of the road and also where it is busy.

3)    Do not leave valuable in your vehicle, not even in the boot.

4)    Check that each door is locked before walking away. 

Consider installing a tracker device in the case of your car being stolen. 

If your property is limited to the amount of cars you can park off-street, then look at a custom conversion of your gate. Swing gates need at least one car length of space to open and close.  You can obtain an extra car on your property by converting the swing gate to a sliding gate. This would involve either using your two existing gate leaves.  These get welded together to create one sliding gate. Secondly you can remove your swing gate leaves and install a newly manufactured sliding gate.

This will also involve replacing swing gate motors with sliding gate motors.

Give us a call for your conversion of your gates, a new gate and electric fence installation for the safety and security of your car.