Keeping our house perimeter security and inside space secure should be our priority.  Our homes are our sanctuaries, the place where we can kick off our shoes after a long day in the office and chill.  And even more now during Covid-19 as poverty and crime increase in Johannesburg. Take a walk around your property and look for soft spots that can be used by criminals.  The exercise is well worth it.

Here are 5 tips on how to protect your homes, if these strategies are not in place yet.  Start at your boundary wall.  Easy access over your wall can tempt petty thieves to steal items lying in your garden or yard such as bicycles and garden tools.  Items such as handbags or cell phones placed near open windows are also easy targets.

1) Start with an electric fence as it is equally important as the perimeter wall itself.  To add clout to your electric fence, link it to your armed response company who can response as the alarm is set off.  This is an early warning system if someone does try to climb over the wall.


2) Check how strong your driveway gate is. It should not be able to be lifted off its rails. Install an anti-lift bracket on your driveway gate.  This is a cheap intervention but can save you lots of stress later down the line. Make sure your pedestrian gate is secure paying special attention to the locking mechanisms.


3) Reduce the opportunity for hiding by trimming bushes and removing over growth of plants.  It is also an inexpensive yet effective way to make sure criminals cannot use such spaces.


4) Light up the garden and yard during night time.  Sensor lights are clever to install as they only use electricity when the sensor is triggered. These lights eliminate hiding places.


5) Strongly recommended are well positioned outdoor beams. They add an additional layer to your security. These prove to be effective early warning systems whereby intruders can be detected before they are able to touch your doors or windows.


But remember – Your house perimeter security is only as good as these systems.  They will only work if they are kept in good order and frequently tested and maintained.