Driveway gate motor installation requires ultimate safety due to electrical and mechanical risks that can happen. Installation of gate automation unit, such as the Nice Hansa Speedo, must be carried out by a qualified installer with respect for the South African laws.  The automation of sliding gates is governed by the information listed in the SANS standards.  Faulty installation can cause damage to the motor and harm to persons.  In addition to obvious dangers the following risks must also be considered: impact, crushing and dragging.

Secondly, wiring to the unit must be installed by a certified electrician as stipulated by local legislation prior to set up.  The control unit must be powered by a 3 x 2,5 mm square power cable with earth, neutral and live, such as a Norsk cable.  If the power cable is longer than 20 m then a wire with a larger section is then required. 

Your certified Nice Hansa Speedo installer will do a pre-installation check:

  • ·         The structure of the driveway gate is suitable for automation
  • ·         The weight and dimensions of the gate fall into the specifications and operating limits of the Nice Hansa SPEEDO motor
  • ·         No excessive friction along the floor rail for opening and closing
  • ·         No chance of the gate derailing
  • ·         Ensure mechanical stops are sturdy enough
  • ·         Gate must be well balanced with no movement or play when placed in any position
  • ·         Where the gate motor is going to be installed is not subject to flooding, and if so make a provision to raise it off the ground
  • ·         The position of the motor unit is easily accessible for manual change over
  • ·         Ensure that the mounting position is clear of impact from the gate itself
  • ·         The paedestrian gate, if part of the gate design, does not disturb the movement of the gate
  • ·         An anti-lift bracket is highly recommended to prevent gate from being shifted on rail and property entered by thieves.

Once this above list has been checked, your approved installer can complete the instalment of your Nice Hansa Speedo sliding gate motor.  Do not use your sliding gate motor until your installer has commissioned the unit. That is how you do a safe installation of gate automation.