Home Security Assessment - Think like a thief

March 23, 2021


When last did you check your own home security?
All it takes is 30 minutes but can save you many tears and money.  It is essential to close any loopholes for a criminal to use to gain entry onto your property and into your premises.

Think like a thief:

Start at your perimeter

·         Boundary wall: Look at your front wall from the road side and imagine how your side and back walls looks from your neighbours side.  Assess how easy it is to climb over. Are there any trees close to the wall that can be used as a ladder? Do you have an electric fence installed?

·         Tip: * Cut branches off that overhang your perimeter walls   

              * Install an electric fence, that has an audible alarm and is linked to your                          armed response company


·        Driveway gate: The driveway gate is the first point of entry for an intruder as they may themselves have a vehicle that they want to load with your goods and steal your vehicle.

·        Tip: Make sure your gate has an anti-lift bracket so the gate cannot be forced off its rails. Secondly fit an anti-theft bracket on your gate motor so the motor box cannot be removed and the gate changed to a manual setting.


Now check your garden

Thieves will choose to hide in unlocked storerooms and garden sheds. They will also use heavy, overgrown corners of your garden to hide.

Tip: * Make sure all outside rooms/sheds are locked.

       * Prune overgrown bushes that could be good hiding places. 

       * Install outside beams, which are armed at night and when you go out during the           day.  These beams stop a burglar from ever reaching your windows or doors.


Windows and doors:

  Tip: * All doors should have a security gate of some kind which should always be locked.

* All opening windows should have burglar bars fitted.

*Audible panic buttons, lined to your armed response company, are recommended throughout the home.

*A lockable safe room is recommended and a security protocol is something all family members should be briefed on.

*Regularly test that your alarm and locks are in good working order. Arm your alarm systems and make this a habit.

So just by taking 30 minutes to check out your home security, you can save yourself alot of stress. 



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