Where should you park for safety and security of your car?

November 2, 2021

The safety and security of your car in Johannesburg is as important as the safeguarding of your personal belongings in your house. Car theft and high jacking statistics in South Africa are extremely high. It is a very lucrative business for criminals in South Africa. 

Do not become a statistic. Here are some tips from Hansa Gates to prevent the theft of your motor vehicle:


Safety and security of your car on your property:

·       The first prize is to park your car inside a locked garage on your property so that there is no temptation for a burglar to steal the car or break into your car and steal the radio and personal belongings. 

·        If that is not an option then a car should be parked on the property behind closed and locked driveway gates. Make sure the gate and perimeter wall cannot be jumped over by installing an electric fence or razor wire across the top of it.   

Safety and Security of your car visiting another property:

1)    If you are visiting a property always try to park on the property.

2)    If this is not possible then park in a well-lit part of the road and also where it is busy.

3)    Do not leave valuable in your vehicle, not even in the boot.

4)    Check that each door is locked before walking away. 

Consider installing a tracker device in the case of your car being stolen. 

If your property is limited to the amount of cars you can park off-street, then look at a custom conversion of your gate. Swing gates need at least one car length of space to open and close.  You can obtain an extra car on your property by converting the swing gate to a sliding gate. This would involve either using your two existing gate leaves.  These get welded together to create one sliding gate. Secondly you can remove your swing gate leaves and install a newly manufactured sliding gate.

This will also involve replacing swing gate motors with sliding gate motors.

Give us a call for your conversion of your gates, a new gate and electric fence installation for the safety and security of your car.



What should your homes' security look like?

October 1, 2021

Your homes’ security and your personal security should already be your priority living in Johannesburg with its high crime rate.  This would include the basics and obvious such as locking your front door, burglar bars on windows and security gates on door, plus setting your alarm at night.

Most home invasion criminals are opportunists and making yourself and your home secure is as simple as taking away their opportunity.

6 must do tips to ensure you and your home are secure:

1) Your home...
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Choosing the best gate motor for your security – 2 top tips

August 24, 2021

Experience the press-a-button convenience and safety of your automatic driveway gate. Gate automation in Johannesburg is no longer a luxury but now a necessity to prevent hijackings and home invasions.  It is no longer a question to automate your driveway gate, but rather which is best gate motor for your security that you will choose for the automation. 

2 essential considerations to make when choosing correct motor:

Firstly it is essential you know the following four features of your gate...

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Extra Heavy-duty Industrial Sliding Gate Motor

July 20, 2021

We are excited to announce an industry first in the gate motor space.

A new, extra heavy-duty sliding gate motor that can run on 220 volts.

The Hansa heavy duty 3 phase motor, which is popular and widely used on extra heavy-duty gates such as aeroplane hangar doors at airports, has up to now only been able to work on 380 volts.

Three-phase power supply is a kind of polyphase framework and is the most well-known technique utilized by electrical grids worldwide for transmission. It is addit...

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6 ways to make gate more secure

June 22, 2021

1)    When it comes to home security it is unarguable that electric gates make your home more secure. They provide a physical barrier by being unopenable whilst in automation mode. Secondly, as they can only be opened/closed via a remote control, they also provide a deterrent to opportunistic thieves who otherwise could just easy slip through a manual gate.

Our high crime rate in Johannesburg does call for more than just a simple automated gate unfortunately. One does need to add more levels...

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About the Nice Hansa Speedo gate motor

June 3, 2021

The Nice Hansa SPEEDO was one of the original  gate motors to automate your sliding driveway gate in South Africa. Automated driveway gates provide you with convenience and safety in the South African crime climate. 

This motor has an electromechanical gear. It is equipped with a PC board and connector for the radio receiver. The motor is powered by electricity. The Nice Hansa SPEEDO will operate on its battery back-up system in the event of a power failure or load shedding as commonly expe...

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Common Gate Motor Problems

April 29, 2021

Automatic gates are incredibly convenient because they allow for quick access, allowing for better security and safety. However, like most technology, sliding gate motors are not immune to problems. 

Common gate motor problems present as follows:

  • Gates not closing / opening

  • Gate opens / closes halfway

  • Gate sluggish to open/close

  • Gate not responding to any of the remotes

  • Gate off rail / rack 

These are the 4 obvious culprits causing your gate to malfunction:

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Home Security Assessment

March 23, 2021


When last did you conduct your own security assessment of your home?
All it takes is 30 minutes but can save you many tears and money.  It is essential to close any loopholes for a criminal to use to gain entry onto your property and into your premises.

Think like a thief:

Start at your perimeter

·         Boundary wall: Look at your front wall from the road side and imagine how your side and back walls looks from your neighbours side.  Assess how easy it is to c...

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Snatch and Grab - 6 tips to keep safe in public spaces

February 23, 2021

Not only is Hansa Gate Motors concerned about your security in your driveway and in your home but we are also concerned about your security in public places. More and more stories are being relayed about snatch and grabs of phones and valuables from walkers and runners in Johannesburg suburbs. People using petrol stations are also snatch and grab targets in Johannesburg suburbs.  

These incidents mainly occur along routes to and from taxi ranks where it is easy for the criminal to get away q...

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Upgrade of Sliding Gate Motor by Centurion (Centsys)

January 14, 2021

Interview on MixFM radio station with Mark, Marketing Manager at Centsys, the manufacturers of Centurion D5 SMART sliding gate motor. 

“So tell us about this new gate motor that Centurion has developed.” 

“As a country we are being subjected to load shedding. The nice thing we have done is doubled the batteries in the motor. So not only do you get fast operations when it works normally but also during the power outages.  Battery life is now twice as long when there is a power f...
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